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The Importance of Cedia

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There are many Home Technology professionals in the area, who have come from a wide range of backgrounds and may have very different skill and knowledge levels. In many cases, checking their portfolio will confirm they are competent, but this alone does not guarantee the business is solvent, insured, and knowledgeable of emerging trends.

The Audio Visual / Smart Home industry doesn’t have the same legal requirements to ensure best practice such as the well know Corgi certification for Gas engineers. So it can be difficult to check that a company is reputable and capable of providing the solution you require.

Our closest comparison to Corgi is Cedia, the “Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association”. Whilst it is not a legal requirement for us to be members of this group, there are many great reasons for membership, both for members and our clients.

Cedia have a world class education program which allows our designers to stay up to date with the latest technological developments such as 4k Ultra High Definition and DTS:X cinema sound. Training courses available for our installation team also ensure that new members of staff are working to best practice standards, especially important with regards to health & safety and care of your home/business.

A clear benefit for our customers is the requirements placed on members by Cedia to ensure each business meets it professional obligations. For example, references are taken from multiple suppliers as well as other members to confirm the company remains in good standing in the industry. Additionally, checks each year ensure that all members are covered by the required level of public liability insurance to protect clients should an accident ever occur. By choosing a Cedia Member, clients can have confidence not only in the member’s ability but also that their business is run professionally.

Cedia provide members with recommended guidelines ensure systems are as future proof and reliable as possible. By working to these guidelines as a minimum standard, we can ensure that whether working on an MDU, a new build home or a renovation project, our clients receive systems which will exceed their performance expectations while being easy to use and thoroughly robust.

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