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Marlow Lighting Control

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Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design, with the ability to turn a house into a home.

Changing the lighting in a room can quickly change the mood and perceived size of any room, as subtly or dramatically as you wish.

The selection of light fittings and the way you plan to control them should work be planned together in order to make the lighting as functional as possible whilst still very easy to control. We have a dedicated lighting designer for the specification of light fittings to ensure the effects and moods you wish to achieve are realised.

Lighting design

Dramatic Lighting Design

LED uplighting effects are a fantastic way to add either subtle or dramatic washes of colour to your room, as well as or instead of more traditional light fittings. Colour changing LED’s can be integrated with simple control to make it quick and easy to set the desired mood.

Subtle LED uplighting

Subtle LED uplighting

Another great lighting effect we love and have on display in our showroom is a fibre optic star ceiling. Ours is accurately mapped to the sky above and we can recreate any location at any point in time and we’re often asked to recreate the night sky from a childs birthday in their crèche.

Multiuroom Media Home Cinema in Marlow

Home Cinema in Marlow with star ceiling

At MultiRoom Media we use 2 main lighting systems, Rako lighting and Lutron lighting, which both have separate benefits for your upcoming project.

We fit more Rako than any other product we sell because it is very easy to retrofit into existing homes with minimal fuss. It’s quick and easy to add dimming functionality and wireless control to existing lighting circuits and for minimal cost. The Rako light switch recalls pre-set “scenes” which we configure to your requirements during installation. As you enter the room, simply press a single button and each of the light fittings beautifully fade to their pre-set levels to set the perfect mood. When you want a different mood for reading rather than watching TV, simply select another mood on the light switch.


With Rako we can integrate it the lighting with other “smart home” features such as turning on your outside lights at sunset each day or switching on every light in the house if a smoke detector is activated.

Luton provides greater flexibility and control options as it is not locked directly to pre-set scenes in each room. Luton truly controls the lighting as a whole home system, an example might be a path of light from your front door to your bedroom if you come home late at night. This increased flexibility comes with additional installation requirements however and we generally only use Lutron for new build or large renovation projects as it is not as easy to retrofit as Rako.

Visit our Marlow showroom for a full demonstration of our multiroom Rako system to see how we can help you.