Lighting Control

Change the mood and feel of your home with dramatic lighting scenes, combining a balance of natural and artificial light. An intelligent light control system allows you to use just the right amount of light, reducing electricity usage and extending bulb life. We can supply you with eco-home products so you can save energy without sacrificing comfort or style.

Lighting Control from Multi Media Rooms

Lighting Control

  • Mood lighting

    At the touch of a button you can alter the lighting around the home.  From dimming the landing lights at night to giving the kids comfort, to party mood lighting in the kitchen anything is possible.

  • Integration

    Our systems fully integrate with your TV and music systems, as well as heating and security.  Combining with motorised blinds and curtains you will have full control of the light in your home.

  • Energy Saving

    Simply by dimming the lights you will save money and reduce your CO2 emissions.  Sensors can dim or switch off lights that you aren’t using.  Enjoying just the right amount of light will make your house feel more comfortable, more spacious and more welcoming. 

Products & Solutions

"There are many benefits to using LEDs for lighting, notably their low running costs, long life durability and environmentally friendly credentials. Our favourite reason for using them is their flexibility; because they run cool and come in a huge range of colour options they can be positioned anywhere, including behind your kitchen splashback for a dramatic effect much more appealing than the lifeless stark light given off by compact fluorescent bulbs "

"Effective dimming makes or breaks lighting design. Creating different moods or “scenes” for different events is all achieved by our programming of the simple to use dimmers. With multiple pre-sets available from each switch, they can even be controlled remotely from your smartphone or iPad "

"The addition of colour to a lighting scheme is new to most clients, but makes a huge difference to a finished project. By decorating walls in neutral colours, you can essentially “redecorate” at the touch of a button creating easily changeable effects to match your mood "


Solutions We Love

  • savant 200
  • rako-web
  • kaleidescape
  • sonos
  • DP-Web
  • Stewart-web
  • Procella Speakers
  • Nakymatone-web
  • Datasat
  • HDanywhere
  • Frame Your TV
  • Leon Speakers
  • Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 14.07.59
  • Lutron Lighting Controls
  • blu-web
  • integra

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