High Quality Audio

Great music has the unique ability to stir your soul, but a poor quality audio system can leave even the most dramatic recording feeling flat and lifeless. A true HiFi, however, will bring the performance to life, right in your home.


High Quality Audio

  • All your music, All the time

    Modern systems can stream all the music on earth by providing almost limitless Internet Radio or even Spotify

  • Vinyl has never sounded better

    Many of us still have our huge vinyl collections and with modern technology and precision-made equipment, these records have never sounded better. No crackles or hissing, just rich, deep believable music

  • Compact one box, or separates, the choice is yours

    A multi-box separates system used to be a prerequisite to good stereo performance, but compact single box systems have come a very long way in recent years. While separates still represent the ultimate performance, they are by no means the only route to audio nirvarna

  • Beautiful Design

    A HiFi could be the focal point of your room, and it should look as stunning as any designer furniture, bringing its own style and class

Products & Solutions

"T+A Audio are Germany’s largest Audio Electronics brand, with over 30 years experience. Their range encapsulates everything from the ultimate industrial looking multi box systems, to a beautiful all-in-one desktop system. Every product in the range shares the same design philosophy, to sound breathtaking while still looking stunning"

"Traditional Floor-standing speakers create a wonderful room filling sound that is very difficult to match with a more compact design, but just because a speaker is large does not mean it needs to be ugly. We supply many beautiful models in almost every imaginable finish – we’ve even been known to customise speakers to match the exact colour of a client’s car! "

"When speakers should be heard but not seen at all we have ranges from Amina and Stealth Acoustics, which are installed within your walls, before plastering and decorating. Your guests will be amazed as music effortlessly flows directly from the walls, but they can’t find the speakers anywhere"


Solutions We Love

  • savant 200
  • rako-web
  • kaleidescape
  • sonos
  • DP-Web
  • Stewart-web
  • Procella Speakers
  • Nakymatone-web
  • Datasat
  • HDanywhere
  • Frame Your TV
  • Leon Speakers
  • Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 14.07.59
  • Lutron Lighting Controls
  • blu-web
  • integra