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Whole Home Audio for Property Developers

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We work with many property developers and partner them on multiple projects to add profitability and ease of sale to their builds.

The most common system that we provide is Whole Home Audio with touch screen control, a feature demanded by customers of luxury homes, but seen as a real bonus in a typical family home.

Interestingly the developers have often told us that adding a whole home audio system doesn’t necessarily increase the listing value of a home, but it really dos help to get asking price offers more quickly.

When 2 similar homes are available for the same price, but one has a background whole home audio system playing while potential buyers are viewing, it is fairly obvious which will be the more memorable.

A system needn’t be expensive and if it helps sell a property even just a few weeks sooner, it’s worth it’s weight in gold from interest savings and allows you to move onto you next project even sooner.

Even if you decide not to add a whole home audio system to your project, it makes sense to make the home ready anyway. We’ve lost count of the number of times we help customers who have just bought a new home that hasn’t be prewired for Multiroom AV or even internet points in each room – In 2013 that is pretty unacceptable from a home builder.

We can provide the design or full installation of “Digital Plumbing” for every new home, so when the purchaser moves in they can decide which equipment they would like to add, be that multiroom Audio, a smart home control system or even a security system. We really do believe the provision of this wiring in place ready to use, is the minimum any developer should be providing to aid a quick sale and satisfied clients

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