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Totally Invisible speakers from Stealth Acoustics

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Our goal is to make the technology in your home blend seamlessly with your interior design. This becomes especially important considering today’s multi-channel surround sound systems can require various speaker locations throughout the room.

Stealth Acoustics have solved this problem through their Invisible Series speakers offering high quality, dynamic, full range audio placed wherever you want, with the ability to be flush-fitted into a wall. This results in the best possible audio, but eliminates the unsightly grills and bulky boxes that come with traditional speakers.


Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers are perfect for if you don’t have the space for large, floor-standing speakers, or if you just prefer your cinema or audio heard but not seen. Only Stealth Acoustics give you the flexibility to use an invisible speaker just like you would a visible speaker and to optimise it for maximised performance and sound quality. Invisibility has never sounded this good.