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Sonos Multiroom Audio

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Sonos provide the most simple multi room audio system we’ve ever used.

There are a range of options to suit every multiroom installation including:

  • Sonos Connect – ¬†We use the Connect to add multiroom control and functionality to an existing audio system in your home. Ff you have or would like to use a high quality audio system and would like to be able to stream digital audio, this is the best option, allowing us to provide the highest audio quality.


  • Sonos Connect Amp – This is the Sonos product we specify most often, it is like the Connect but includes a powerful and high quality amplifier. If you would like the most discreet multiroom audio system, with in ceiling or even hidden in wall speakers, the Sonos Connect is the solution we’ll provide.


  • Sonos Play 3 / Sonos Play 5 – These solutions are complete all in one systems with their own built in speakers. They both represent fantastic value and using these solutions we can install a full home multiroom audio system in the shortest possible time without any disruption in your home. The main limitation of the Sonos Play systems are their size, meaning that they cant be hidden as discreetly as a Sonos Connect with In Ceiling Speakers.

Sonos Play5 lifestyle



  • Sonos Playbar – a TV sound bar providing the basis for a wireless surround sound system. The Playbar is a great solution when you would like to improve the audio from your Tv and provide music, linked to the whole home audio system. The Playbar can be pair with an optional Sonos Sub and a pair of Sonos Play 3 units to create a true surround sound system with 5.1 home¬†cinema performance.
    Sonos Playbar mounted below TV

    Sonos Playbar mounted below TV

For more information on the solution that is right for you and your home, please call for advice.