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Stealth Acoustics Stingray – outdoor speakers

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Stealth Acoustics Stingray speaker, takes their high quality invisible speaker and places it into a completely environmentally sealed casing to offer an outdoor speaker that can operate in all weather.

Outdoor speakers have to be able to withstand the toughest elements that nature may throw their way. Stealth Acoustics have attacked this challenge and created the world’s first completely sealed outdoor speaker, so that unlike traditional speakers, they won’t fail, or be damaged and corrode over time when faced with the persistence of the natural outdoor environment.

The Stingray is completely waterproof and can even operate underwater, and at 0 degrees F, featuring an impenetrable glass fibre radiating surface that holds up against even the toughest elements. This makes it perfect for any audio system whether in the pool itself, in a sauna, in the garden, or even at a ski resort.

Let’s not forget what principal purpose of the speaker actually is though. Thankfully, despite the focus on protection from the elements, the sound quality has not been left forgotten. The speaker is deceivingly powerful with a good range, and is an all-round high quality sound.