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Making a screen disappear…

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The Flatscreen TV has made it easier to accommodate ever larger screen sizes into family living spaces. While the large screen is great for entertainment, we often find that in a beautiful Kitchen, Bedroom or a formal Sitting room a large TV distracts from the beauty of the interior design.

We’ve used a number of different solutions to bring the large screen enjoyment into these spaces without disturbing the rooms design.

Motorised TV Lift

A motorised lift allows a TV to be stored inside a piece of furniture and moved into view only when it’s in use. When switched off, the TV doesn’t disturb the interior design at all, leaving you with a beautiful piece of bespoke furniture.

This piece needed to look at home in a formal country sitting room. The cabinet maker has created a stunning 4 way bookmatched burr walnut cabinet for the TV to live in. When the TV is switched off the cabinet looks perfectly at home, before a 60inch TV lifts into view.

For this piece a client wanted to have a TV in the bedroom of their country home, but it wouldn’t have suited the space if hung on any of the walls.
We sourced the exact fabric that the bed was upholstered in and made an ottoman to live at the end of the bed.

Mirror TV

There are so many options to disguise a TV as a mirror to suit different living spaces. Both framed and frameless deigns are available to compliment the interior.

The 49inch Agath in our showroom is a great example looks stunning, both when its on and when it’s off.

Our client specified a spa bath and we used a bespoke sized Aquavision bathroom Mirror TV to media into the room in a safe and discreet way.

Art TV

There are 2 great options to bring a piece of art into the room to disguise the TV. The first is a motorised canvas of a digital photo. With a frame in keeping with the interior this is a great way to display a favourite photo to maybe a family portrait. At a touch of a button the canvas rolls out of sight and the TV turns on.

The latest option for a slightly different effect is the new Art TV from Samsung, this TV has a very narrow bezel which can have a wood effect frame and it displays a digital photo instead of a boring black screen when its in standby mode.