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Kaleidescape – Cinema One

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We love films, and using this system makes enjoying your favourite movies easier through the ability to easily download titles, store them just the touch of a button away, and watch them perfectly whenever you so choose.

You are able to download titles from Kaleidescape’s online store, with the quality of downloads at a near identical level to that of a Blu-ray disk, and also store up to 100 Blu-ray quality or 600 DVD quality titles.

With additional features such as being able to watch your favourite movies instantly without the distraction of previews, menus or ads makes the experience all the more enjoyable, and after all, it’s the little things that count.
It can easily be liked in with the rest of your smart home, and at the push of a button, the lights go down, the curtains are drawn, the masking is set, and the film you have chosen will begin to play with perfectly optimised audio for the absolute finest experience.

Simplicity is essential when it comes to watching a movie and the app for iPad that goes with this system really ticks the box. With a fun and easy way of creating your ultimate movie library, anything you want is literally at your fingertips.

The art of film watching has been renovated through the Cinema One, and Kaleidescape makes it easy to fall in love with your movies all over again.

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