Individual Cinema Experience

Working with the leading suppliers to commercial cinema chains, we are able to provide you with your very own Individual Cinema Experience. ICE is the ultimate expression of technology and design working in harmony to deliver the most extreme and engaging entertainment experiences on the planet.


ICE Performance

  • Sensory Envelopment

    ICE combines multi layered surround sound, deep bass impact and full motion seating, coupled to the highest resolution and brightness video sources to energise and excite all of your senses.


    The unique One Row Closer system enables the viewer to decide how large the projected image should be, allowing the perfect balance between visual impact and comfortable viewing.


    By combining 8 or more subwoofers with incredible infrasonic bass units, the Perfect Bass system delivers extremely powerful, clean and fast bass extending down well below the range of human hearing. Feeling is believing.


    With careful room design and component selection, ICE designs can recreate the most dynamic sounds in nature for a realism found nowhere else.

  • Individual design

    All ICE designs are individually tailored to the most exacting standards for audio, video and infrastructure performance. Only the finest components are selected and no compromise in the system chain is tolerated from power supply to playback.

Individual Cinema Experience - Arab Concept

Products & Solutions


Barco provide the most complete range of “Digital Cinema Initiative” certified 2K and 4K projectors to the Commercial Cinema industry. With a Barco, we can create a wall filling picture up to a huge 32m, with perfect quality for the genuine Cinema experience.


Datasat Digital Entertainment

Datasat is the new name for DTS surround sound for Commercial Cinemas. Tracing their history back to Jurassic Park in 1993, Datasat have won an Oscar for Scientific Achievement and provide the audio in over 20,000 cinemas for every major release. You’ll even find their logo in the credits and film posters for new releases. Using the Datasat RS20i, means we aren’t just trying to recreate the cinema experience in your home, but rather providing a fully authentic personal cinema.

Pro Audio Technology

If the truth be told, nearly all “home cinema” products are merely “home audio” products renamed for marketing purposes. Pro Audio speakers are different, designed specifically to meet with the requirements of commercial cinemas, so for the first time, the big, dynamic, and exciting sound of the best commercial cinema can be experienced at home. 

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