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How would you spend £20,000 #WinAMediaRoom

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So how would you spend £20,000?

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As technical director at Multiroom Media, I’ve seen hundreds of media rooms and Home cinemas so I know what I like and what I’d have in my own home.

My Brief

If I’m spending £20,000 on an AV system, it absolutely has to deliver stunning image and sound quality, but that alone isn’t enough. The system also needs to be easy to use, reliable and visually discrete in our home.

My Space
Without enough usable garage space and a wife planning to fill our spare rooms with children, the only space available is our living room, so the room would need to be both practical and multifunctional.

My starting point, make the system simple for friend and family to use. The only choice for me would be a Savant control system – beautiful, intuitive and simple.

Visual Design
To get this much kit past my wife and into our living room a bespoke media wall would be required. I’d be happy with a very simple wall design. I’m sure my wife would love our friends over at Make Joinery to build us a made to measure media cabinet like we have I our showroom.

First sketch of a bespoke media wall

Media wall with the projection screen down

I’d love to use Nakymatone plaster in speakers because the performance is stunning, and they are totally invisible in the room. I’d happily take speaker quality over quantity so I’d stick to a 5.1 speaker layout, with the LCR behind the projection screen, so an acoustically transparent screen would be a must. Bass would be taken care of by REL, I think their subs offer a great mix of value and performance.

I’d take an Onkyo AVR which gives a great performance and integrates nicely with the control system.

I’d wall mount our existing 50inch TV, then add a motorised projection screen to drop down in front. With the available budget, I think I’d take a very good native 1080p projector with psudo 4k, rather than spend all the money on a new 4K native model. An Epson EHTW9300, would be a great choice providing a balance between price and performance. Fed from the the Oppo 203, the picture is superb and I’m sure none of my guests would know it wasn’t native 4k.

Our lighting would need some work, the current pendant light would be right in the way of the projector. I’d suggest my wife sits with our lighting designer, Toria at Lighting by Plum, to choose the new fittings – extra brownie points for me.

I’d like to add some LED linear lighting and would make sure all the lighting was added to a RAKO control system so the remote would dim the lights as the film starts.

LED Strip lighting in a media room

I love the LED linear lighting and very clean finish.

Full Kit List
Savant Smart Host
Savant Pro Touch Screen Remote
Lumen 120inch Acoustically Transparent Tab Tensioned In Ceiling Projector Screen
Epson EHTW9300 Projector
Onkyo TX-RZ820
Nakymatone plaster in wall invisible LCR speakers
TDG NFC 81 in Ceiling Speakers for surround
Sonos Connect
Apple TV 4k
Oppo 203
REL T7i Subwoofer
3 Rako lighting drivers and Rako Lightswitch
New Light fittings
Bespoke Media Wall
LED Coving Profile with LED tape
So there is my plan, but I’m not allowed to enter, so how would you spend it?

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