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One of the most important aspects of Home Cinema Design is perfect cinema seating. Of course, it’s important to have a beautiful projected image and life like 3D surround sound, but if you are sat too close or too far from the screen the cinema effect will be ruined.

The perfect layout of your home cinema seating is not the only consideration; aesthetically the cinema seats need to work with the rest of the overall design but most importantly they need to be comfortable enough for a 6 hour Star Wars marathon.

We have a range of Home Cinema seats available, including The Signiture Cinema Club Seat, a commercial style fold down seat allowing the maximum number of viewers in a smaller area.

Signature Club Home Cinema Seat

CinemaTech, are one of the worlds leading suppliers of Home Cinema decor and furniture. They have a vast range of seating options for your home cinema in an unimaginable variety of different colours.

Our favourites include The CinemaTech Getso Swivel recliner and Mezzanine 2 seater, both shown below.

Gesto Swivel Recliner

Mezzanine 2 Seat Recliner


The largest range of Cinema Seats we offer is from CinemaTech, their full range can be viewed here