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Home Cinema Design Inspiration

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An addition to our in house Cinema Design team, we work closely with CinemaTech, experts in creating the most beautiful cinema designs.

While no two clients have the same size room, or identical ideas on how their dream home cinema should look, the reference designs from Cinema Tech always provide us a great starting point for the room design.

We usually find that the colour scheme and seatign arrangement are the first major decisions in the room design and with 16 cinema seating styles, available in over 100 different leather finishes Cinema Tech will always have an option to please you.

Whether your preference is for a classic and timeless design like the “Vogue” Cinema

Vogue Cinema Design



a striking bold colour scheme like “Vivid” design

Vivid Home Cinema


Or maybe an ancient themed room would be closer to your ideal like the “Tarah” Cinema

Tarah Home Cinema

Most importantly, what ever style or design you have in mind, we at Multiroom Media will create you dream for you