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Recreating the full thrill of the Cinema in your home is a true luxury. We understand that the Home Cinema isn’t just another room, its an experience every time you walk in, even before the movie begins. Our Cinemas rival the finest Hollywood screening rooms in terms of Sound and Picture quality, in a comfortable and beautiful space.

Our Cinema Showroom in Marlow, Bucks.

Our showroom Cinema features a cutting edge bespoke system, the main system components include:

Acoustic Treatment

  • Home Theatre Environments bespoke wall treatments for Absortion and diffusion


  • Screen Excellence Reference Fixed Frame 16:9 with Enlightor NEO S 4K Fabric Diagonal: 121″


  • JVC DLA-X7900 4K Ultra HD

Surround Processor

  • Datasat LS10, with 15 channel outputs (13+2LFE), Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Dirac room Correction

Audio Amplififcation

  • Audio Design Associates SAK 16X150, 16 channel x 150W @ 8 Ohms power amplifier runs Surrounds and both LFE Subwoofers in Parallel Mode – 300 W per Subwoofer

Digital Signal Processor

  • Audio Excellence Quattro 06 DSP power amplifier, 4 channels x 600W @ 8 Ohms for L,C,R + Bass Extension


  • Audio Excellence Vertex 2 speakers for left, centre, right
  • Surround SpeakersAudio Excellence Vertex 1 speakers for surround, rear surround and Atmos
  • 2 Audio Excellence Raijuu 1 subwoofers, linked for Bass Extension to L,C,R
  • 2 Audio Excellence Raijuu 1 subwoofers for the LFE channel


  • Rako smart lighting control
  • Orluna downlights
  • Tuecer linear LED tape
  • Bespoke Star ceiling

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Cinema Design

The design of a great cinema room involves many elements. The equipment specification to ensure the ultimate performance is only a small part of the total design with soundproofing and acoustic treatment, seating layout, colours, fabrics and lighting design each important elements to provide the full experience.

Our specialist design team is supplemented by working with two of the finest cinema design companies in the world, Cinematech and Home Theatre Environments, providing us almost limitless design options, including bespoke acoustics, wall treatments and setting options. With 3D renders, we can ensure you love your new Cinema, right down to the fabric choices and seating layout before construction even begins.

Example Cinema Bronze

Our Bronze systems start from £10,000 with a focus on the AV equipment required to deliver the cinema effect, leaving you to choose your own lighting, interior and furniture.

Typically these systems would include an integrated AV Processor and Amplifier from Onkyo, with a range of high quality speakers for In Wall, On Wall or Floor Standing requirements.

A 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos speaker layout with a single subwoofer provides a good starting point, upgrading to a second subwoofer and additional surround speakers, as budget allows.

Using a bright and detailed Projector with a fixed or motorised screen, Bronze systems are great for Smaller spaces with a single row of seating.

Example Cinema Silver

Our Silver systems typically start at £40,000. At this point we provide a turn key room, including seating and acoustic treatment.

Separate AV Processing and amplification, often from Arcam provides a noticeable improvement in audio quality.

Specialist Cinema peakers from brands such as Dynaudio, Definitive Technology and Procella become options at this level, usually in a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos configuration, with 2 subwoofers.

Motorised recliners with in a choice of finishes and bespoke lighting details elevate our Silver systems to the look and feel of a true Cinema.

Example Cinema Gold

Our Gold systems typically start at £100,000, with the focus on maximising every detail using the finest products and materials for your room.

At this level we utilise world class consultant specialists in their field to bring together the ultimate delivery team. Interior Designers, Lighting Designers, Acousticians and Soundproofing experts are all on hand, as well as multi award winning room designers from Home Theatre Environments and Cinematech, allowing us to provide the perfect room.

Equipment will typically include Datasat Processing, Wisdom, Audio Excellence or Procella Speakers, in an extended Dolby Atmos configuration to cater to multiple rows of seating.

A reference quality 4K Ultra High Definition digital cinema projector, paired with a motorised masking projection screen, ensures the best image quality imaginable.

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To design your dream cinema room, just get in touch. At our Marlow showroom we have 3 separate Home Cinema Systems on permanent demonstration to show solution and design for every budget.

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