Digital Plumbing

Digital Plumbing is the heart of a smart home. Just as your regular plumbing moves water around your home to where it is needed, Digital Plumbing does this for Data and Telephony. By working with you at all stages of your design we provide the cable infrastructure to provide the solution you need now and for the future. Style and interior décor is not compromised as correct wiring is largely hidden from view, allowing you to enjoy your tech.


Data & Telephony


  • Smart Wiring

    Data, TV and telephone systems are all intertwined and essential for today’s family home.   Smart wiring will deliver all the high speed internet, digital music, HDTV and telephone signals to every room in the house all from one central location.

  • Structured Cabling

    Structured cabling provides real efficiency for a small businesses.  Worry free distribution of your phone calls, internet, network printers and storage is essential.  We provide neat enclosures that can house everything you need, now and in the future.

  • Secure Wireless Networks

    We know just how important communication is to you, your business and your family so we delight in supplying a structured data distribution system within your home that is fast, secure and most importantly reliable.


Solutions We Love

  • savant 200
  • rako-web
  • kaleidescape
  • sonos
  • DP-Web
  • Stewart-web
  • Procella Speakers
  • Nakymatone-web
  • Datasat
  • HDanywhere
  • Frame Your TV
  • Leon Speakers
  • Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 14.07.59
  • Lutron Lighting Controls
  • blu-web
  • integra

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