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Deluxe Home Cinema System

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We’ve put together a range of sample Home Cinema systems to provide you with an idea of what we can create for you.

The Deluxe system is our the popular because it provides a great balance of high quality performance and fantastic value for money.

The specification of our Deluxe Cinema Package is designed to create the most discreet system we can so that it can be installed in your main family living room without intruding on your interior design. We use a fully retracting motorised Projection screen and totally invisible Stealth Acoustics speakers, so nobody would know the system is there at all until you turn it on.

If the Cinema is being created in a spare bedroom or a garage conversion where the Home Cinema will be the main use of the room, a less discreet installation is often acceptable. We can discuss changes to the specification such as a fixed frame projection screen which does not retract so is always visible in the room, but will provide an improved picture quality compared to a similarly priced retractable screen.

The most surprising element of our Deluxe Home Cinema system is the installation of the Stealth Acoustics speakers inside your walls. This is not nearly as complex as it sounds and can be achieved easily without taring your home apart. Once the speakers are in place, we simply apply a thin plaster layer and paint to match the rest of the room, making the speakers totally invisible.

When your friends and family experience the lights dimming, screen descending from the ceiling and dramatic surround sound filling the room, they’ll be amazed that a true cinema experience can be created from equipment they didn’t even know was there.