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Invisible Cinema

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We love films. Whether blockbuster Sci-Fi adventure, or a thought provoking social commentary, but no film can live up to its full potential on small screen or under whelming sound system.

That’s why we specialise in creating Home Cinema systems that can provide the big screen experience but disrupt the look of your home.

Using a motorised projection screen and projector lift, we can hide everything from sight when not in used, dropping it in place in a few seconds with the touch of a button.

We recently installed a projection system for a customer whose 50inch screen just wasn’t creating the effect he wanted. Using the customers existing HiFi system for the for the front Left and Right speakers, we added a centre channel and in hidden in wall rear speakers to create the surround sound experience.

We configured an iPad application to start the cinema system with a single button, switching the TV off, dimming the lights, lowering the screen and projector as well as turning on the amplifiers and selecting the right inputs etc.
There are even separate buttons configured for films and the games console so the children have a simple way to bring their games to the big screen.

Cinema room, with motorised screen in place

Cinema room, with motorised screen in place

Renovate don’t move

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Many of our clients are deciding to renovate their homes rather than the moving and a dedicated Home Cinema is always highest on the wish list.
It is perfectly possible to install a cinema system into your living room, without anybody even realising it is there, but for the ultimate cinema experience a dedicated room will always win.

Working with our construction partners such as we are happy to build an extension or convert existing, under utilised space into a dedicated cinema room.

If you have a garage that you don’t currently use, it makes a great space for a cinema, a good size and shape, plus being at side of the house makes it easy to soundproofed, prevent disturbance to the rest of the family.

We recently created a movie and gaming room for a client who wanted a low cost solution using much of the equipment he already had in the main living room. The room needed to be a cosy space for the family to spend time but completely soundproofed from the rest of the house for when the children had friends over to on the games consoles.

Our first step was to alter the garage opening into a large window area and create a “room within a room” using advanced sound proofing designs and products such as High Density plasterboard, and “Dynil”, a high density acoustic barrier.

We routed all the cables for the surround sound speakers and Cinema Projector inside the new walls so nothing is visible once finished.
In this case a fixed Cinema screen was chosen as it provides the highest possible quality and the room is not the main living room. In a standard living room a motorised screen would be specified, to hide out of sight when not being used.

The customers existing equipment was all relocated to the new room and fine-tuned for the best audiovisual performance. With ISF calibration of the picture we have been able to achieve a picture that would rival a much more expensive installation.

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