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Deluxe Home Cinema System

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We’ve put together a range of sample Home Cinema systems to provide you with an idea of what we can create for you.

The Deluxe system is our the popular because it provides a great balance of high quality performance and fantastic value for money.

The specification of our Deluxe Cinema Package is designed to create the most discreet system we can so that it can be installed in your main family living room without intruding on your interior design. We use a fully retracting motorised Projection screen and totally invisible Stealth Acoustics speakers, so nobody would know the system is there at all until you turn it on.

If the Cinema is being created in a spare bedroom or a garage conversion where the Home Cinema will be the main use of the room, a less discreet installation is often acceptable. We can discuss changes to the specification such as a fixed frame projection screen which does not retract so is always visible in the room, but will provide an improved picture quality compared to a similarly priced retractable screen.

The most surprising element of our Deluxe Home Cinema system is the installation of the Stealth Acoustics speakers inside your walls. This is not nearly as complex as it sounds and can be achieved easily without taring your home apart. Once the speakers are in place, we simply apply a thin plaster layer and paint to match the rest of the room, making the speakers totally invisible.

When your friends and family experience the lights dimming, screen descending from the ceiling and dramatic surround sound filling the room, they’ll be amazed that a true cinema experience can be created from equipment they didn’t even know was there.

Stealth Acoustics Stingray – outdoor speakers

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Stealth Acoustics Stingray speaker, takes their high quality invisible speaker and places it into a completely environmentally sealed casing to offer an outdoor speaker that can operate in all weather.

Outdoor speakers have to be able to withstand the toughest elements that nature may throw their way. Stealth Acoustics have attacked this challenge and created the world’s first completely sealed outdoor speaker, so that unlike traditional speakers, they won’t fail, or be damaged and corrode over time when faced with the persistence of the natural outdoor environment.

The Stingray is completely waterproof and can even operate underwater, and at 0 degrees F, featuring an impenetrable glass fibre radiating surface that holds up against even the toughest elements. This makes it perfect for any audio system whether in the pool itself, in a sauna, in the garden, or even at a ski resort.

Let’s not forget what principal purpose of the speaker actually is though. Thankfully, despite the focus on protection from the elements, the sound quality has not been left forgotten. The speaker is deceivingly powerful with a good range, and is an all-round high quality sound.

Totally Invisible speakers from Stealth Acoustics

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Our goal is to make the technology in your home blend seamlessly with your interior design. This becomes especially important considering today’s multi-channel surround sound systems can require various speaker locations throughout the room.

Stealth Acoustics have solved this problem through their Invisible Series speakers offering high quality, dynamic, full range audio placed wherever you want, with the ability to be flush-fitted into a wall. This results in the best possible audio, but eliminates the unsightly grills and bulky boxes that come with traditional speakers.


Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers are perfect for if you don’t have the space for large, floor-standing speakers, or if you just prefer your cinema or audio heard but not seen. Only Stealth Acoustics give you the flexibility to use an invisible speaker just like you would a visible speaker and to optimise it for maximised performance and sound quality. Invisibility has never sounded this good.

Multiroom Video Solutions from HDanywhere

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There was a time when multiroom video systems were either vastly expensive or pretty poor quality. HDMI cables simple aren’t designed for long range transmission and really suffer from signal degradation at lengths of over 25ft.

HDanywhere have solved this problem by utalising the new HDBaseT Technology which allows us to provide full HD video, including the forthcoming 4K Ultra High Def standards, as well as HD Multichannel Audio and a fast internet data network up to a range of 300ft.

Their new HDanywhere Modular range allows us to specify only the functions required for each room with no wasted capacity so you do not pay for features you don’t require. With solutions starting from under £500 per room HDanywhere products allow us to create “Follow Me TV”, because you can watch and  control your SKY set-top-box or blu ray player in every room. This means you can begin watching a film in one room, pause and resume in another room, or just check what  the kids are watching without leaving the sofa.

The new Modular range from HDanywhere was fully designed and manufactured in the UK, check out this video to see how.

HDanywhere Modular – Made in Great Britain from HDanywhere on Vimeo.

Kaleidescape – Cinema One

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We love films, and using this system makes enjoying your favourite movies easier through the ability to easily download titles, store them just the touch of a button away, and watch them perfectly whenever you so choose.

You are able to download titles from Kaleidescape’s online store, with the quality of downloads at a near identical level to that of a Blu-ray disk, and also store up to 100 Blu-ray quality or 600 DVD quality titles.

With additional features such as being able to watch your favourite movies instantly without the distraction of previews, menus or ads makes the experience all the more enjoyable, and after all, it’s the little things that count.
It can easily be liked in with the rest of your smart home, and at the push of a button, the lights go down, the curtains are drawn, the masking is set, and the film you have chosen will begin to play with perfectly optimised audio for the absolute finest experience.

Simplicity is essential when it comes to watching a movie and the app for iPad that goes with this system really ticks the box. With a fun and easy way of creating your ultimate movie library, anything you want is literally at your fingertips.

The art of film watching has been renovated through the Cinema One, and Kaleidescape makes it easy to fall in love with your movies all over again.

The world of Interior Design meets the world of Technology

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At Multiroom Media we believe that the technology in your home shouldn’t spoil the appearance of a room or get in the way.

PictureFrame.TV offer the latest technologies and allow seamless integration into your digital network, but when switched off, they can easily be mistaken as part of the furniture. Disguised as either a sophisticated work of art, or a stylish mirror, the television has now become a functional masterpiece.

You put a lot of effort into planning the interior design or your home, why let your TV get in the way when with this simple solution, you need not experience such problems.

With a comprehensive range of frame designs to integrate fully with the rest of your home, you are also able to choose various types of glass for differing light levels to ensure that your viewing experience is maximized.

These products, made in Great Britain, deliver a level of satisfaction as high as the level of quality with which they are made.


Invisible Cinema

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We love films. Whether blockbuster Sci-Fi adventure, or a thought provoking social commentary, but no film can live up to its full potential on small screen or under whelming sound system.

That’s why we specialise in creating Home Cinema systems that can provide the big screen experience but disrupt the look of your home.

Using a motorised projection screen and projector lift, we can hide everything from sight when not in used, dropping it in place in a few seconds with the touch of a button.

We recently installed a projection system for a customer whose 50inch screen just wasn’t creating the effect he wanted. Using the customers existing HiFi system for the for the front Left and Right speakers, we added a centre channel and in hidden in wall rear speakers to create the surround sound experience.

We configured an iPad application to start the cinema system with a single button, switching the TV off, dimming the lights, lowering the screen and projector as well as turning on the amplifiers and selecting the right inputs etc.
There are even separate buttons configured for films and the games console so the children have a simple way to bring their games to the big screen.

Cinema room, with motorised screen in place

Cinema room, with motorised screen in place

Renovate don’t move

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Many of our clients are deciding to renovate their homes rather than the moving and a dedicated Home Cinema is always highest on the wish list.
It is perfectly possible to install a cinema system into your living room, without anybody even realising it is there, but for the ultimate cinema experience a dedicated room will always win.

Working with our construction partners such as we are happy to build an extension or convert existing, under utilised space into a dedicated cinema room.

If you have a garage that you don’t currently use, it makes a great space for a cinema, a good size and shape, plus being at side of the house makes it easy to soundproofed, prevent disturbance to the rest of the family.

We recently created a movie and gaming room for a client who wanted a low cost solution using much of the equipment he already had in the main living room. The room needed to be a cosy space for the family to spend time but completely soundproofed from the rest of the house for when the children had friends over to on the games consoles.

Our first step was to alter the garage opening into a large window area and create a “room within a room” using advanced sound proofing designs and products such as High Density plasterboard, and “Dynil”, a high density acoustic barrier.

We routed all the cables for the surround sound speakers and Cinema Projector inside the new walls so nothing is visible once finished.
In this case a fixed Cinema screen was chosen as it provides the highest possible quality and the room is not the main living room. In a standard living room a motorised screen would be specified, to hide out of sight when not being used.

The customers existing equipment was all relocated to the new room and fine-tuned for the best audiovisual performance. With ISF calibration of the picture we have been able to achieve a picture that would rival a much more expensive installation.

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