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Thames Side Smart Home Case study – Shortlisted for British Homes Awards

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Multiroom Media are thrilled to announce our river side Smart Home project has been shortlisted for The British Homes Awards – Smart Home of the Year

  • Riversdale from the Drone

  • Boardwalk Lighting

  • Leon Media Decour bespoke Oak TV Surround

Dating from 1876, our Client’s home had become disjointed and unsuitable for their needs. The Design Brief from our clients, focused on modernisation and inclusivity, ensuring the home was safe and accessible for family and friends, whilst maintaining the original Arts and Crafts feel.

System Overview

With multiple integrated sub-systems, a Savant control system was selected for the User Interface to provide a “single app home”. The Client appreciated the modern visual style and intuitive nature of the touch screens, while finding the ergonomics of the Savant remote the most suitable for the intended users.

Subsystems include:

• Savant Smart Home Control System
• KNX Building Management System
• Rako controlled Lighting
• Texecom Zoned Safety and Security Alarms
• Multiroom AV system
• Property wide CCTV
• Video Access Control
• Wired and Wireless networking
• Passenger Lift

  • Nautical Kitchen Lights

  • Aquavision Mirror TV in the bathroom

  • Staircase Lighting

Security Systems

The property is accessed from both a private road and the riverfront, making security of utmost importance. A remotely monitored zonal intruder alarm provides maximum protection. Each building and boat can be independently controlled, ensuring only occupied areas are ever disarmed.

18 x 4k CCTV cameras cover the property and all access points with movement triggers supplementing the intruder alarms.

Multiple Video entry panels provide a record of every visitor and allow the Client to grant access from anywhere in the world.

Comfort and Efficiency Systems

Maintaining comfort levels requires an integrated effort, due to the properties size, high surface area of glazing and exposed riverfront position. The motorised awnings, blinds and window actuators are utilised to reduce temperature gain and encourage stack effect for cooling airflow throughout the building.

The underfloor heating system is zoned and supplemented with MVHR to recover heat and circulate filtered air.

Solar Thermal Panels are connected to an auto-changeover, maximising the gains available. Once water tanks have reached the required temperature, additional energy is diverted to the swimming pool, significantly reducing running costs.

Photovoltaic panels linked to a Tesla wall panel, reduce demand from the grid and provide an Uninterruptable Power Supply for designated services, including fish tanks, security and safety systems.

  • Video Entry at the highly bespoke front door

  • Nautical Kitchen Lights – Photo by Mark Taylor Design

  • Samsung Art TV in the Master Suite

Entertainment Systems

The scale of the property and demands from regular entertaining, drove the design decisions for the AV systems. Six set-top-boxes serve 16 video zones, including a mixture of new and existing displays, so an AV over IP system was chosen, to provide expandability and local scaling from 720p – 2160p, ensuring each screen receives the highest quality it is capable of displaying. The AVoIP system also allows the de-centralised Blu-ray players to be shared to all displays.

Sonos was chosen for the Multiroom Audio because the Client was already familiar with Sonos. Most visitors already have the Sonos app installed, an important consideration allowing guests easy access to the audio without requiring them to download additional apps.

Internal audio zones feature custom made loudspeakers, manufactured from matching Oak or colour matched to the room finish. The large TV screen, as you enter the open plan living space, is an immediate focal point, so a bespoke Oak TV surround with matching LCR passive soundbar was designed to complement the architectural features.

Externally, 3 zones of audio each feature 4 hidden satellite speakers and a buried subwoofer. This allows the audio to scale from background music while the children play in the pool, to property wide coverage during a large drinks reception.

Key rooms feature Samsung Art TV’s displaying the Client’s photography while in standby, while the master En Suite features a waterproof Mirror TV.

An external video zone allows the screening of sporting events, already appreciated by a large number of guests watching the England World Cup match during the Client’s 65th birthday garden party.

  • Bespoke Bar lighting

  • Relaxing mood lighting behind the bath

  • Riversdale from the Drone

Lighting & Shading.

We sub-contracted lighting design and luminaire specification to specialist lighting designers, Lighting by Plum. Combining nautical themes to reflect a passion for sailing and Tiffany style lamp shades to reflect the Client’s work as a stained-glass artist, decorative pieces provide a stamp of personality whilst complimenting the property’s original features. Exceptionally high CRI accent lighting was selected to showcase the clients art works, whilst highlighting architectural features. Downlights and linear lighting provide functional and navigation light.

With 144 lighting circuits, scene based control simplifies switching to commonly used day and evening settings, with additional activity based scenes such as Cooking, Reading and Entertaining in respective rooms.

A comprehensive PIR system allows the Client safe passage around the home after dark, without ever needing to touch a light switch. The client regularly, but not permanently requires the use of a wheelchair. It recently became apparent that while in the chair, she would be unable to access either of the light switches in the sitting room without rearranging furniture. The nature of the lighting system allowed us to instantly adapt, reprograming a light switch in the hall to operate the sitting room lights, allows easy access without compromising the interior design.

Time clocks automatically dim active circuits in the evening to save energy, control external lighting and replicate occupancy.

Take a look at some of our recent projects for inspiration, then book a design meeting at our Marlow showroom where we can demonstrate the latest and greatest possibilities.

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10% Discount on Cinema and Media Room Installation

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Save 10% on all Installs before Christmas 2018 – Limited Availability

One of our clients has had a delay with a their building project so their Full Smart Home & Cinema installation is on hold until next year. This means we have build slots for 2 cinema rooms available.

How about turning your living room into a stunning media room, with the full cinema experience but no equipment on display.

Take a look at some of our recent projects for inspiration, then book a design meeting at our Marlow showroom where we can demonstrate the latest and greatest possibilities.

Contact Us
  • First sketch of a bespoke media wall

  • Hidden Cinema Speakers

  • Projection screen down

  • Motorised Projector Lift

  • Multiroom Media Example Cinema

  • Our Showroom Media Room

  • Our Home Cinema showroom

  • Media Room Transformation

Making a screen disappear…

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The Flatscreen TV has made it easier to accommodate ever larger screen sizes into family living spaces. While the large screen is great for entertainment, we often find that in a beautiful Kitchen, Bedroom or a formal Sitting room a large TV distracts from the beauty of the interior design.

We’ve used a number of different solutions to bring the large screen enjoyment into these spaces without disturbing the rooms design.

Motorised TV Lift

A motorised lift allows a TV to be stored inside a piece of furniture and moved into view only when it’s in use. When switched off, the TV doesn’t disturb the interior design at all, leaving you with a beautiful piece of bespoke furniture.

This piece needed to look at home in a formal country sitting room. The cabinet maker has created a stunning 4 way bookmatched burr walnut cabinet for the TV to live in. When the TV is switched off the cabinet looks perfectly at home, before a 60inch TV lifts into view.

For this piece a client wanted to have a TV in the bedroom of their country home, but it wouldn’t have suited the space if hung on any of the walls.
We sourced the exact fabric that the bed was upholstered in and made an ottoman to live at the end of the bed.

Mirror TV

There are so many options to disguise a TV as a mirror to suit different living spaces. Both framed and frameless deigns are available to compliment the interior.

The 49inch Agath in our showroom is a great example looks stunning, both when its on and when it’s off.

Our client specified a spa bath and we used a bespoke sized Aquavision bathroom Mirror TV to media into the room in a safe and discreet way.

Art TV

There are 2 great options to bring a piece of art into the room to disguise the TV. The first is a motorised canvas of a digital photo. With a frame in keeping with the interior this is a great way to display a favourite photo to maybe a family portrait. At a touch of a button the canvas rolls out of sight and the TV turns on.

The latest option for a slightly different effect is the new Art TV from Samsung, this TV has a very narrow bezel which can have a wood effect frame and it displays a digital photo instead of a boring black screen when its in standby mode.

How would you spend £20,000 #WinAMediaRoom

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So how would you spend £20,000?

Enter Here
As technical director at Multiroom Media, I’ve seen hundreds of media rooms and Home cinemas so I know what I like and what I’d have in my own home.

My Brief

If I’m spending £20,000 on an AV system, it absolutely has to deliver stunning image and sound quality, but that alone isn’t enough. The system also needs to be easy to use, reliable and visually discrete in our home.

My Space
Without enough usable garage space and a wife planning to fill our spare rooms with children, the only space available is our living room, so the room would need to be both practical and multifunctional.

My starting point, make the system simple for friend and family to use. The only choice for me would be a Savant control system – beautiful, intuitive and simple.

Visual Design
To get this much kit past my wife and into our living room a bespoke media wall would be required. I’d be happy with a very simple wall design. I’m sure my wife would love our friends over at Make Joinery to build us a made to measure media cabinet like we have I our showroom.

First sketch of a bespoke media wall

Media wall with the projection screen down

I’d love to use Nakymatone plaster in speakers because the performance is stunning, and they are totally invisible in the room. I’d happily take speaker quality over quantity so I’d stick to a 5.1 speaker layout, with the LCR behind the projection screen, so an acoustically transparent screen would be a must. Bass would be taken care of by REL, I think their subs offer a great mix of value and performance.

I’d take an Onkyo AVR which gives a great performance and integrates nicely with the control system.

I’d wall mount our existing 50inch TV, then add a motorised projection screen to drop down in front. With the available budget, I think I’d take a very good native 1080p projector with psudo 4k, rather than spend all the money on a new 4K native model. An Epson EHTW9300, would be a great choice providing a balance between price and performance. Fed from the the Oppo 203, the picture is superb and I’m sure none of my guests would know it wasn’t native 4k.

Our lighting would need some work, the current pendant light would be right in the way of the projector. I’d suggest my wife sits with our lighting designer, Toria at Lighting by Plum, to choose the new fittings – extra brownie points for me.

I’d like to add some LED linear lighting and would make sure all the lighting was added to a RAKO control system so the remote would dim the lights as the film starts.

LED Strip lighting in a media room

I love the LED linear lighting and very clean finish.

Full Kit List
Savant Smart Host
Savant Pro Touch Screen Remote
Lumen 120inch Acoustically Transparent Tab Tensioned In Ceiling Projector Screen
Epson EHTW9300 Projector
Onkyo TX-RZ820
Nakymatone plaster in wall invisible LCR speakers
TDG NFC 81 in Ceiling Speakers for surround
Sonos Connect
Apple TV 4k
Oppo 203
REL T7i Subwoofer
3 Rako lighting drivers and Rako Lightswitch
New Light fittings
Bespoke Media Wall
LED Coving Profile with LED tape
So there is my plan, but I’m not allowed to enter, so how would you spend it?

Enter Here

The Importance of Cedia

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There are many Home Technology professionals in the area, who have come from a wide range of backgrounds and may have very different skill and knowledge levels. In many cases, checking their portfolio will confirm they are competent, but this alone does not guarantee the business is solvent, insured, and knowledgeable of emerging trends.

The Audio Visual / Smart Home industry doesn’t have the same legal requirements to ensure best practice such as the well know Corgi certification for Gas engineers. So it can be difficult to check that a company is reputable and capable of providing the solution you require.

Our closest comparison to Corgi is Cedia, the “Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association”. Whilst it is not a legal requirement for us to be members of this group, there are many great reasons for membership, both for members and our clients.

Cedia have a world class education program which allows our designers to stay up to date with the latest technological developments such as 4k Ultra High Definition and DTS:X cinema sound. Training courses available for our installation team also ensure that new members of staff are working to best practice standards, especially important with regards to health & safety and care of your home/business.

A clear benefit for our customers is the requirements placed on members by Cedia to ensure each business meets it professional obligations. For example, references are taken from multiple suppliers as well as other members to confirm the company remains in good standing in the industry. Additionally, checks each year ensure that all members are covered by the required level of public liability insurance to protect clients should an accident ever occur. By choosing a Cedia Member, clients can have confidence not only in the member’s ability but also that their business is run professionally.

Cedia provide members with recommended guidelines ensure systems are as future proof and reliable as possible. By working to these guidelines as a minimum standard, we can ensure that whether working on an MDU, a new build home or a renovation project, our clients receive systems which will exceed their performance expectations while being easy to use and thoroughly robust.

Marlow Lighting Control

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Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design, with the ability to turn a house into a home.

Changing the lighting in a room can quickly change the mood and perceived size of any room, as subtly or dramatically as you wish.

The selection of light fittings and the way you plan to control them should work be planned together in order to make the lighting as functional as possible whilst still very easy to control. We have a dedicated lighting designer for the specification of light fittings to ensure the effects and moods you wish to achieve are realised.

Lighting design

Dramatic Lighting Design

LED uplighting effects are a fantastic way to add either subtle or dramatic washes of colour to your room, as well as or instead of more traditional light fittings. Colour changing LED’s can be integrated with simple control to make it quick and easy to set the desired mood.

Subtle LED uplighting

Subtle LED uplighting

Another great lighting effect we love and have on display in our showroom is a fibre optic star ceiling. Ours is accurately mapped to the sky above and we can recreate any location at any point in time and we’re often asked to recreate the night sky from a childs birthday in their crèche.

Multiuroom Media Home Cinema in Marlow

Home Cinema in Marlow with star ceiling

At MultiRoom Media we use 2 main lighting systems, Rako lighting and Lutron lighting, which both have separate benefits for your upcoming project.

We fit more Rako than any other product we sell because it is very easy to retrofit into existing homes with minimal fuss. It’s quick and easy to add dimming functionality and wireless control to existing lighting circuits and for minimal cost. The Rako light switch recalls pre-set “scenes” which we configure to your requirements during installation. As you enter the room, simply press a single button and each of the light fittings beautifully fade to their pre-set levels to set the perfect mood. When you want a different mood for reading rather than watching TV, simply select another mood on the light switch.


With Rako we can integrate it the lighting with other “smart home” features such as turning on your outside lights at sunset each day or switching on every light in the house if a smoke detector is activated.

Luton provides greater flexibility and control options as it is not locked directly to pre-set scenes in each room. Luton truly controls the lighting as a whole home system, an example might be a path of light from your front door to your bedroom if you come home late at night. This increased flexibility comes with additional installation requirements however and we generally only use Lutron for new build or large renovation projects as it is not as easy to retrofit as Rako.

Visit our Marlow showroom for a full demonstration of our multiroom Rako system to see how we can help you.

Our Marlow Showroom

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Our showroom in Buckinghamshire, features multiple solutions to suit every home and budget.
The lounge has a bespoke AV cabinet which hides all of the equipment including a full size cinema projection screen. The speakers in this room have been made to match the room, with a high quality speaker bar the a perfect match for the HDTV screen, while the surround speakers are colour matched to the walls.

Marlow Showroom
Our Home Cinema has a 9.1.2 Dolby Atmos speaker system from Procella, while the video is provided a Runco HD projector with anamorphic lens for a super wide 2.35:1 display.

Our reception and Dining room have TV screens from “Frame My TV”, showing how we can blend a TV into it’s surroundings. We have both a Mirror TV and a Motorised “Art Tv”.

Speaker configurations for Dolby Atmos in your Home Cinema

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We’re now able to offer Dolby Atmos in addition to Auro 3D for a truly immersive surround sound experience.

Previously only available in large public cinema’s, Atmos will be available in consumer products from August 2014, with Onkyo our first partner to provide details of the installation options.

The new Onkyo range of AV receivers will use 7 Channel, 9 Channel, or 11 Channel to create the 3D sound field in the following combinations:


Dolby Atmos Speaker Configuration Options

Onkyo Model

Dolby Atmos Built-In

Dolby Atmos Firmware Upgradeable

A/V Receiver Channels












































Dolby Atmos configuration options with a 7 Channel Receiver

  • 5.1.2 Configuration – 5.1 layout with one pair in-ceiling height speakers


  • 5.1.2 Configuration – 5.1 layout including Dolby Atmos enabled front speakers, or add-on speaker modules


Dolby Atmos configuration options with a 9 Channel receiver

  • 5.1.4 Configuration – 5.1 layout with two pair in-ceiling height speakers


  • 5.1.4 Configuration – 5.1 layout including Dolby Atmos enabled front and surround speakers, or add-on speaker modules


  • 7.1.2 Configuration – 7.1 layout with two pair in-ceiling height speakers


  • 7.1.2 Configuration – 7.1 layout including Dolby Atmos enabled front speakers, or add-on speaker modules



Dolby Atmos configuration options with an 11 Channel Receiver

  • 7.1.4 Configuration – 7.1 layout with two pair in-ceiling height speakers


  • 7.1.4 Configuration – 7.1 layout including Dolby Atmos enabled front and surround speakers, or add-on speaker modules


  • 9.1.2 Configuration – 9.1 layout with two pair in-ceiling height speakers



Dolby Atmos Compatible Onkyo Products:

  • TX-NR3030
    • 11.2 Channel THX Certified Network A/V Receiver with Dolby Atmos built in
  • TX-NR1030
    • 9.2 Channel THX Certified Network A/V Receiver with Dolby Atmos built in
  • PR-SC5530
    • 11.2 Channel THX Certified Network A/V Controller with Dolby Atmos built in
  • TX-NR838
    • 7.2 Channel THX Certified Network A/V Receiver with Dolby Atmos firmware upgradable
  • TX-NR737
    • 7.2 Channel THX Certified Network A/V Receiver with Dolby Atmos firmware upgradable
  • TX-NR636
    • 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver with Dolby Atmos firmware upgradable


  • HT-S9700THX
    • 7.1 Channel THX Certified Integrated System – THX Certified Network A/V Receiver with Dolby Atmos built in and a 7.1 speaker package
  • HT-S7700
    • 5.1.2 Channel Integrated System – Network A/V Receiver with Dolby Atmos built in and Dolby Atmos enabled front speakers
  • SKS-HT693
    • 5.1.2 Channel Home Theatre – Speaker Package includes Dolby Atmos enabled front speakers
  • SKH-410
    • .2 Channel Speaker Modules – Dolby Atmos enabled add-on speaker modules



Datasat LS10 Specifications

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Following on from our post yesterday regarding the new Datasat LS10, here, you will find the full specifications. Datasat are the leaders in home cinema solutions, and for the first time ever, have made it possible to recreate the Auro-3D experience in your own home with speaker configurations up to 13.1. With the forthcoming release of additional music and films into the Auro-3D format, this is the future of high end surround sound.

See the full official spec sheet on our Facebook page – Here

Full specification for the Datasat LS10:


Digital Audio Decoders:

The star of the show for the Datasat LS10 is Auro-3D compatibility. Included are:

Auro-3D Decoding Engine

Auro-3D Upmix Engine.

There is also a full Dolby and DTS suite of decoding including:

Dolby Digital Plus

Dolby Pro Logic IIz

Dolby TrueHD

DTS-HD Master Audio™

DTS Neo:X™


Digital Inputs:

There are a whole host of digital inputs, including, for the first time on a Datasat product, a USB input which allows you to play audio directly from your computer, using it as a DAC. Included are:

HDMI Audio & Video Inputs

HDMI V1.4a with video pass-through (8 in / 2 out)


S/PDIF – 2

USB 2.0 – 1


Audio Outputs:

15 XLR outputs for connection to a power amplifier


Audio Equalisation:

There is a 10-band parametric EQ providing adjustment from 20Hz to 20kHz. Additionally, there is bass management support for adjustable low pass filters for up to two subwoofers.



For the first time in a Datasat range the LS10 includes an IR remote control for simple installations, but can also be controlled by:

RS232 DB9

10/100Mbps Ethernet

VNC control including by iOS and Android devices

Crestron Integrated Device

IR Remote




Datasat LS10 provides new entry point for Auro 3D 13.2 for the elite Home Cinema

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Datasat LS 10 brings Auro 3D by Barco to the home for the first time.

We are a huge fan of Auro 3D by Barco, which has begun to trickle into some of the finest commercial cinemas around the world, creating the finest audio experience possible and fully enveloping you in the movie experience.

Until now it’s not possible to recreate the Auro 3D experience in a home cinema, but a new product from Datasat, the new name for DTS Digital Cinema, changes all that.

The Datasat LS10 cinema processor brings Datasat’s commercial cinema performance to a new price point, making it now a possibility for many home cinema systems. As the third processor in the Datasat range the LS10 joins the Datasat RS20i which features in our ultimate Cinema for home the “Individual Cinema Experience“, and the Datasat AP20 which features in many commercial cinemas.

The heart of a cinema system, the Datasat LS10 can be used in many configurations from 5.1, 7.1, 9.2, or the full 13.2 which provides the full 7.1 surround with additional array of “height” speakers and the “Voice of God” speaker directly over head to complete the full 3D audio system  and most enveloping audio experience available in the world

Book a Demo in our Ascot Experience centre HERE